Certification: The Purpose

Kenkyukai Certification is a simple and very practical way of getting a good start in classical karate, or having your existing ability and experience formally confirmed.

Completing a course of training in a recognized school will lead to the issuing of a certificate recording the period of training, in what style, and with what instructor. This becomes the recipient’s martial arts ID document, that is entirely independent of dojo or organization. Stop waiting, join the game now with slots no deposit continuous luck and many victories await you!

Applicants who have Certificates of Completion issued by an approved karate organization for CFA seminars they have attended in Okinawa, will automatically be credited with those hours.

Independent certification by an international body brings prestige and benefits, and for this reason it is always earned, never simply awarded.

Kenkyukai certification is the very best way to have your achievements as a karateka recognized, independent of style, association, or affiliation. It is earned by you, belongs to you, and is a serious measure of your value as a martial artist. Candidates for certification programs must have completed the requisite amount of training in a recognized style or Ryuha, and be of good character.

Certification: The Benefits

Here are just a few of the most obvious benefits of certification.

  • Well designed and carefully structured training courses.
  • Public recognition of ability and experience.
  • Frequent opportunities to train with the best teachers.
  • Access to training opportunities in Japan and Okinawa.
  • Access to data and support Online.


Level A (200) Certification

Candidates must have completed 200 Hours of training in an affiliated dojo with a certified Kenkyukai instructor and be recommended by his or her instructor for advancement. A written examination on the history and principles of karate must be taken, and an appearance before a review board successfully completed.

Level B

400 Hours of training in an affiliated Kenkyukai dojo including at least four seminars (8 hours) with senior Kenkyukai instructors (8th Dan and above). CPR qualification is mandatory, as is a written examination. Candidates will present a research paper to when they appear before their review board. Two recommendations required.

Level C

500 Hours of training in an affiliated Kenkyukai dojo and three recommendations for advancement. Training must have included at least 20 hours with senior Kenkyukai instructors (8th Dan and above). CPR qualification is mandatory, as is a written examination on karate training methods and principles


March 26th – April 5th 2016
CFA Seminar Series Spring
Japan Karate Association HQ Dojo, Tokyo, Japan.

May 13th – 14th 2016
Tenchi Dojo Georgia USA
Goju Ryu Kata Application Seminar
Yoshio Kuba Sensei 10th Dan Hanshi.

October 25th
Karate Day Holiday in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

October 25th 2016
The Okinawa Karate Do Kaikan Opening Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan.

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For more information please visit www.karatedata.org or call Toll Free 1 800 717 6288. The center spread of Classical Fighting Arts magazine is dedicated to Kenkyukai events, and the CFA facebook page is a gathering place for our seminar alumni.